Ways to Send Money with currency exchange in Bangalore

The United States Postal Services is a long-established company that not only specializes in sending your mail in the safest and fastest means ever, but it also has come up with its own set of financial services. This is the beauty of innovation, and with three different kinds of financial communication and transaction services it is very clear to see that Currency exchange in Bangalore should be at the top of your choices if you need to send or receive money.


Domestic Transactions

The simplest ground level financial service which is able to provide its users and clients would be their domestic money orders service. This particular service allows you to send your money in a very safe manner through the mail. Currency exchange in Bangalore guarantees that the postal money orders method is still a safe as well as convenient and economical method of sending cash. This is easy to do by simply going to any Post Office station anywhere in the United States (and there is practically one every corner, of course).

Failing that, you can also do this by going to any kind of rural route carrier to avail of the service. You can send up to one thousand dollars per transactions. Security is definitely kept to the maximum thanks to the rule of presenting a state-issued or a government-issued identification card before you can continue with any money order service in big denominations (usually of up to three thousand dollars). You can purchase money using any of these means: traveler’s checks, cash or debit card. Purchases have an unlimited validity period and are easy to cash out at the nearest Post Office or even in your very own financial institution.

Fees for any lost or damaged money orders are also very economical starting at a dollar and ten cents for money orders amounting to a maximum of five hundred dollars. If you are in the military service, you get to enjoy a special military money order rate of only thirty cents. The security features of their money order service is also established, with a special Benjamin Franklin color blend watermark, dollar amount double imprinting and using metal security heads as security features.

Go International

The international wire money service of  Currency Exchnage is also very fast and secure thanks to the Sure Money service. You can do this for both business and personal transactions, with the step starting at going to a Post office to send your money. In mere minutes (fifteen, to be exact) your money will be received by the branch of your destination country. You can send as high up as two thousand dollars per day and you also get tracking confirmation receipts to know the status of your money order.

And finally, the international money order service of currency exchange in Bangalore is a great way to send money in another country in a cheap and convenient manner. For as low as three dollars and eight five cents, you can purchase money orders over seven hundred dollars to more than thirty countries worldwide which the recipient can cash in safely in his or her home country.