Design Basics One Way SEO Link

Submitting articles to web directories has repeatedly proved an incredible marketing strategy for cheap business promotion. There are not too complex mechanisms behind this effective link building approach, and any marketer who works online can put it to work. Article marketing becomes the perfect solution for a small company that lacks the a large advertising budget. What can you do?

The most accurate business image can be achieved with professional web design. Create a good website!
Find the most relevant keywords for your product/service and perform search engine optimization around them.
Write informative articles around the same keywords.
The author box at the end of the articles should include one or two one way links to your website.
Use distribution services for your materials. Post some on your website while others will get submitted to article directories.
Your business will start growing progressively if you keep submitting articles. Here is why.
The articles that you submit are distributed around the web and used by other publishers on their websites. The wider the distribution, the more numerous the backlinks. And backlinks equal business exposure. When there are lots of websites that include a link to your page, this means that from all the traffic that reaches those sites, some will be directed to your website.
And together with backlinks you increase popularity, which is gold when working with search engines. Links are one of the elements used by Google algorithms to give the page rank. The most relevant results for a query get displayed whenever a web surfer searches for something online. And every website owner wants his/her web page viewable to the user!

Your business evolution can significantly improve by submitting articles to article directories. Look closer into article marketing strategies and try to constantly adapt to the Internet trends. Social networks, blogs, emails and press releases are other places for content dissemination that you can use besides submitting articles. Content defines these other web locations too. Closely monitor online business progress, in order to find the more or less favorable methods and take action from there.